“You Are My Stars” Watercolor & Hand Lettering Card Design

il_570xN.1061798686_pxgyAs Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought I would show how versatile our Custom Tie Dye Galaxy Greeting Card listing can be.

Because the idea is to start by masking off a shape and some splatters that will eventually give a “galaxy” effect, we can really start with any basic shape. One client was celebrating an anniversary and asked for a heart shape, which turned out super cute! We played with the color concentration a bit during the painting process and the effect turned out differently than our other examples, which turned out to be a fun and original twist.

In the video below we wanted to show how our triangle design can be utilized to showcase any sentiment you can imagine. Not only is lettering easy to incorporate, but illustrative elements can be added as well.

I hope that this peek into our process of creating original custom cards shows how much time and dedication goes into each and every detail. We sincerely love working with our clients to deliver services that create lasting memories.


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:

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