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Traveler’s Notebook Art Journal Process/Tutorial – Spread 1 – Let It Grow

Decided it’s about time to put that traveler’s notebook we made to good use and start filling it with some art journaling!

I hope to record my process every time I open this insert, so be on the look out for more videos in this series in the coming months.

This layout is setting a precedent for the kind of style I’m going for – collage, vintage ephemera, florals, muted colors with pops of brightness. I may deviate from these things a bit but I am definitely into seeing what I can do to keep this TN insert visually cohesive. I may try to focus on a different style from insert to insert. I think it might also be interesting to set “rules” for an art journal, or guidelines to work from. Something to remember for later.

Please enjoy the process video below. Materials are listed in the tags on this post, as well as on-screen as they are being used.

CutCardStock Design Team Project 13 – Thanksgiving Reverse-Pattern Fall Leaf Watercolor Card

We are so pleased to be working with the CutCardStock team! Each month, using their products in order to make two themed projects, and hosting step-by-step DIY instructions on their blog.

On our blog, we will have full YouTube videos showing the process as well. So be sure to check both places to get the full story!

Our thirteenth project is a watercolor thanksgiving card you can make without any die-cutting .. just draw out a simple leaf stencil to design a pattern you can cut with an exacto. Enjoy!