Plan With Me Mid March – Lots of Lettering

This month started off with the best of intentions. A brand new insert for my traveler’s notebook, a fresh monthly and weekly spread, and I had a really fun time with the cover page illustration. I always have a fun time illustrating with brush markers.

Unfortunately I came down with the flu almost immediately after filming the first part of this video. Not even joking. It threw me off my game for almost a full week and I did not appreciate that very much.

But the best part about the bujo way of planning is that you don’t have to waste any paper or be sad about blank spreads. In my case, I hadn’t even numbered anything yet and it was easy to modify for the following week, which had been productive for me, and I definitely wanted to catalog it.

I usually do my planning on the day that it happens. I’m not the type to plan or record tasks after the fact – so this method was a bit odd for me. But I’m still glad I got it all down as it got me back in the habit/feeling good about what I had gotten done. I did notice that I can’t think back on specifics very well when a camera is on me, so I ended up filling in more details and notes later.

I think instead of aiming for weekly planning videos, I will be happier to do beginning/middle/end of month video updates. We shall see if that makes more sense moving forward.

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