Plan With Me Catch Up – March Thru April

I’m trying something new now – coming to you with process videos as I can get them done, and doing voice-over to chat and help describe what’s going on behind the scenes.

While I won’t be doing planner updates on a constant basis (more specifically, I just can’t keep doing them every time I use my planner), I hope that these process videos will be enjoyable for you!

March was quite a month. I happened to get sick (TWICE .. first with the flu and then with a death cold) which really threw a wrench in my plans and goals for Pigmentology. But I still managed to keep up with bullet journaling and was glad to have captured some process footage during March, especially as I put together one of my favorite layouts.

For April I decided to illustrate a divider page and go right into weeklies. The overview I had done the month before was nice with the goal list, but the tasks correlating with days of the month was rather redundant, so I decided against doing it again. That’s the wonderful thing about bujo – you can try things on and decide they’re not for you as many times as you like. I’ve tried to do future log type things many times in the past, always looking for a way to make them work, but I’m very much only interested in weekly layouts it seems!

With April underway, we will see what is in store for Pigmentology. Hopefully all major illness is behind me and I can really focus on some big goals for us. I don’t want to get into too many specifics get but we will see how it all comes together soon!

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