Pigmentology Studio Tour

Pigmentology Studio Tour Winter 2017 – Hot Mess Craft Room Realness

While I was tidying my craft space I decided it might be fun to say hello and show you around really quick! I am planning to move my studio to the spare room next door and am going about it very slowly as I figure out organizational tactics and shelving plans.

For now, my creative space is not very pretty but it is somewhat thought out and well used, so I did minimal tidying before I started filming in an attempt to show you what it looks like most of the time.

If you’re wondering: the drafting table is from Amazon and has a glass top. I could do a whole separate post/video on that table, but for time’s sake I went through everything in the room quite generally.

Other bigger items featured:

Printer is Canon Pro-100 – Amazon

Typewriter is Smith Corona Classic 12 – ebay

Die cutting machines: Silhouette Portrait and Cricut Cuttlebug mint


Samsung NX30 (product photo camera)

OttLite for lighting photo area – Amazon

LED drafting table lights – Amazon

Lazy Arm Camera Mount – Amazon

Plastic organizers – Michaels, Dollar Tree

Cube shelves – Amazon

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