Pigeon Watercolor and Brush Pen Illustration Speed Paint

I think we all could use more reasons to unwind. Watercolor and all things pigment-based are my therapy. Sharing what I do with the world is also my therapy. Watching what others do can be so calming as well. You get caught up in their vibe that you get lost to the troubles around you.

Well, here’s to you getting caught up in my vibes.

I made this little pigeon babe for my Mother in Law on her birthday. She loves pigeons. I know a lot of people don’t love pigeons, but she does, and I think that’s special. Because they really are beautiful, smart little creatures.

This pigeon is all the way across an ocean right now, in a good home. I had so much fun creating him and I hope you have fun watching me create him.

As usual, supplies will be listed on screen as I use them. I will also be doing something new where I list them all in the tags here on the blog as well. Because that’s probably a thing that would be good to do!

Thanks all, looking forward to lots more fun things on the horizon. 

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