Past Planner Flip-Through & Weekly Spread “Plan With Me” Lettering for February

I am really a hot mess when it comes to using paper planners. But I am determined to make it work for my business especially, because I have found a lot of methods with bullet journaling to be quite beneficial, and I find the process of writing things down/sketching in a planner to be therapeutic. Everything seems a lot less overwhelming when you get it down in bullet/list form or break it up into chunks and manageable tasks.

I normally use the notes in the phone for EVERYTHING. But I’ve used planners on and off over the years, to some success. Most diligently since last year.

In the video above¬†you’ll see as I go through a Moleskine planner from 2016 that didn’t work out well for me due to paper issues. I then switched to a traveler’s notebook that I bought from Callicrafty on Etsy, which I’m much happier with. I lost sight of my goals and started incorporating too much personal tracking/life managing into a calendar that was supposed to be single-focused, so I’m glad I was able to review things and identify that.

Going forward, my goal will be to keep this travelers notebook for Pigmentology-related content only. That way I can schedule Youtube videos and shop updates and other things all in one place without everything getting cluttered and overwhelming.

So we’ll see how this goes, and I hope to keep updating… Especially as I intend to start making more books/notebooks and inserts. I used to do book making a lot in college, for some reason it had been intimidating me, but then I gutted an old book today and got my mojo back. Or I will once I get the signatures stitched in.

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