New stickers in the shop and some misc. updates!

We’ve got a bunch of new sassy sticker designs up at our Etsy shop that we hope you’ll love. We are also planning on getting some of these designs up on Society 6 and Redbubble so we can make some t-shirts and other such products. Many things in the works!

There is also a 100 day challenge going on our Instagram now that we’ve finished our first brush lettering alphabet, though I’ve had to put it on pause for a bit as I’ve been too wrapped up in a few projects. I’m working through a bunch of macro watercolor paintings and taking video with a macro lens. So far there are 5 videos up and 95 more to go.

I’ve decided to put the #52CafeCards on hold indefinitely, as I was having a lot of fun, but it was becoming more of a chore than anything else and not really a priority for me. Perhaps I will come back to it when I have some extra time.

For now, stay tuned for more products, as that is the goal .. making and making to add more things to our tiny shop!

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