Neon Dirty Pour – Acrylic Skin on Silicone Mat Using Craft Paints and DIY Pour Medium

We’ve been making a ton of fluid acrylic skins to use in some new products that are currently in the design stages. While we’re not quite ready to show you the final result, we always love sharing our process. Stay tuned to see what we end up making with these wonderful fluid pours!

This video will take you through our typical process of creating a fluid acrylic pour that will dry into an easily-removable skin on the silicone mat. Once we peel it up, we use it to create all kinds of different mixed media art and products.

As soon as our line is done (which we’re super excited about) we’ll be launching the announcement here, on Youtube, and on Instagram. Can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been working on!

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