Mixed Media “Word” Series Part 2 – “Chaos” – Video

Continuing this series with the word “chaos” for inspiration feels about right when considering the state of the world at the moment. I just sort of went with it.

I had grabbed this hardcover book about the cinema at a used book store for a dollar – the spine was coming away so I gutted it with the intent to make a new journal. That part is in process, but the gutted part I saved for such projects as these.

I knew I wanted to submit this piece to a local show and mostly wanted to focus on making it look and feel cohesive. I experimented with layering mediums that I don’t normally layer and some happy accidents occurred along the way.

For those interested, I promise to update if/when this or any of my other pieces make it into a local exhibition. I have been working on some other things behind the scenes..!



To shop some of the items used while making this mixed media piece, check the links below:

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