Mixed Media “Word” Series Part 1 – “Life” – Video + Work for Sale

Welcome to a series that will be taking place on the Pigmentology blog and Youtube page, where we will publish a process video and advertise a listing for the finished piece.

This series will focus on various mediums at once, so I’m putting it under the “mixed media” blanket, though there will be a definite focus on watercolor techniques.

For the first piece, I picked the word “Life” as it seemed like a sufficient word to start with. I have a hard time with overthinking and setting some sort of parameters, or introducing a starting point/theme, is often helpful. I actually compiled a whole list of words to choose from, but you’ll be seeing each theme as the videos are┬árevealed.

My plan is to go into the process without much planning except to stick to the theme. The goal is to try to think as little as possible. As soon as I start thinking to much, I stand up and walk away. (I actually finished this piece within a few hours, but over the course of a couple days.)

In the end I was quite happy with my progress and excited to see where this series takes us!

If you’d like to buy this piece, it is for sale on our Etsy. If there happens to be a demand for more than the original, I will be happy to make prints.



To shop some of the items used while making this mixed media piece, check the links below:

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