Acrylic Pouring Materials

Fluid Acrylic Art: A new obsession and a process video

I fully admit that a few things I’ve started have fallen by the wayside. I will probably never finish the 52CafeCards Challenge and I’m totally okay with that – to be honest, it was starting to bore me. I also started a 100Days Challenge in which I intended to do 100 macro watercolor videos on Instagram. I had it all planned out and scheduled when my camera and lens decided to stop cooperating altogether. It seems the universe and my intentions never seem to align for social media challenges.

I did have a super fun time doing a full calligraphy alphabet video series on Instagram. I have been meaning to bring that whole series to Youtube as well, and will let this serve as a reminder for me to do that later.

Now, I must talk about the thing that is taking up all of my time and energy (when not focused on commissions/other business-related things) .. Fluid acrylics.

I learned all about fluid acrylics and acrylic pouring on Youtube after coming across a video of the process on Instagram. I fell in love. Watercolors are usually my thing as I love the organic nature of the medium, how it can be controlled yet so unexpected. When you can make acrylic paint do the same thing, it’s just as fun!

I’ve been testing at a very small scale with materials I have on-hand and finally put together a little video to show my process. When I say small, I mean small! I’m working on 1/4 in thick foam core triangles that are no longer than maybe two inches on one side.

I really like working on this scale for now but am looking forward to seeing where this experimentation takes me. I’ve also done some 3×3 and 4×4 inch squares, which you can see over on Instagram.

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