Detroit Wildflowers Watercolor Process and Digital Prints

detroitprintprocess1We knew from the beginning that we wanted to submit a piece to Artworks Detroit that spoke to the pride of living in and around Detroit.  Our vision came from the way empty yet overgrown fields in the city can invoke all kinds of feelings in those who happen upon them.

detroitprintprocess2After selecting a canvas that had been properly treated to accept watercolor, we traced on the letterforms using guidance from a very old set of die-cuts and used masking fluid to keep them white while painting around them. At different stages of the painting process the masking fluid was lifted to paint over the letters or to check to be sure the contrast was coming through appropriately.

The whole process was quite an experience, as we’d never used a watercolor canvas before and it performs much differently than regular paper. But we are quite happy with the end result and are hopeful it will sell at auction so that the proceeds will go towards those in need.


If you’re interested, digital prints of this artwork are currently available in 8.5×11 format through our Etsy. If needed, we can always add more sizes or options – just let us know if that’s something you’d like!


To shop some of the items used while making this painting, check the links below:

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