Designing a Logo for Desired Balance LLC

Desired Balance came to us with a need for a brand new logo to help kick off the launch of their website – an essential oil company that had a mission to appeal to both men and women.

As our mission is to introduce custom typography into whatever we design, I first started by sketching with my brush pen. I like to use my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush Pen as it gives me such a range of feeling in my letterforms and allows me to go from thick to thin with pressure very easily.

Just for fun, I thought I’d show you my sketches:


Once brought over to the computer, things took on a much more graphic and minimalistic quality as the rounds went on. Because we were trying to satisfy masculine and feminine markets, we came up with a solution that visually loops them together; the ascenders of the lowercase “d” and b” intersect and disappear into one another to make up the main visual mark. The “d” is based off of my own hand written script and the “b” is a modified block serif typeface. The business name is typeset simply beside the mark in sans serif modern type.

This was a really fun logo to work on and we were so pleased to be able to team up with another small business!

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