Custom Ink Blended Wedding Congratulations Card With Illustrated Moose and Bear

Near the end of ink blending the background.
Near the end of ink blending the background.

Among our first custom projects is this card for Amanda, who wanted a custom card to congratulate her brother and his bride on their wedding day. They happen to affectionately refer to one another as “moose” and “bear” which made for the opportunity to add some illustrations. The background is ink blended onto a wood grain texture that was stamped with embossing ink and treated with clear embossing powder to create a resist effect.

All illustrated and lettered elements were executed by hand using either a kuretake fude pen or pentel pocket brush pen, then colored in using copic markers. I sincerely hope all our custom card orders continue to be as adorable as this one!14225390_1051579188295924_463735998336882327_n

On deck we have a number of watercolor commissions and embossed trinkets to go out, plus I just finished a set of bachelorette invites that I’m particularly pumped about. I bought this tattoo printer paper that is supposed to work pretty well, as I thought it’d be fun to include in the gift bags – then I thought I mind start offering it as a store item as well if it works out! So more on that later.

Also also also I’ve got a bunch of holiday card ideas started already because it seemed practical. I think they will all start as hand lettered illustrations, go through digital, come out as prints, and I will add embellishments/embossing. Will bring down the cost and I can do sets. More on that later as well.

Okay done rambling! So happy to be up and running, yay!


To shop some of the items used while making this card, check the links below:

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