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New Product: Acrylic Poured Soft Cover Mini-Journals

As I’ve been experimenting with fluid acrylics, I’ve been formulating ways to turn what I make into products for the shop. If you follow Pigmentology on Instagram you might have gotten some sneaky peeks.

So far for this line we’ve got three journals done and listed – various sizes, two different color-ways. The size of the finished journal depends on how the acrylic skin dries when poured onto a silicone mat, so each one is a handmade, original work of abstract art.

Keep your eyes peeled, especially on Instagram, for more process as we develop more products with fluid art!


Temporary Tattoo Half Sheets and Custom Options Now Available

I am truly kicking myself for not taking good photos of these tattoos when I tried them on a real life bachelorette party. These mock-ups will have to do for now, and I’ve made them as accurate as possible with regards to scale. The “bride status” is the largest and spans my wrist at just over 2.5 inches. The custom option is great if you want something super special for everyone at the party!

image1 (1)

Custom Hand Painted Lettering and/or Illustration for Home Decor and Beyond

If you live in the Detroit Metro area and are looking for something hand-painted to add to your walls, please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote! There is something altogether special about hand-painted work that goes straight onto a wall or the side of a building. Murals, signs, etc. It’s a craft that was almost lost to the digital age but has been held onto for dear life by those who value authentic touches.

In the featured example, Pigmentology was asked to brighten up an old-fashioned pantry door. I’d be happy to sit down with you to visualize whatever it is you are dreaming up for your home: whether it be rustic garden signage, a trendy bedroom mural, something bright and colorful for the kids’ play room .. you name it!

My hourly rates are based on the complexity of the job and I only charge gas money to those outside of a 30 mile radius from Ferndale, Michigan. For pricing specifics, don’t forget to fill out our quote estimate form.

Acrylic Pouring Materials

Fluid Acrylic Art: A new obsession and a process video

I fully admit that a few things I’ve started have fallen by the wayside. I will probably never finish the 52CafeCards Challenge and I’m totally okay with that – to be honest, it was starting to bore me. I also started a 100Days Challenge in which I intended to do 100 macro watercolor videos on Instagram. I had it all planned out and scheduled when my camera and lens decided to stop cooperating altogether. It seems the universe and my intentions never seem to align for social media challenges.

I did have a super fun time doing a full calligraphy alphabet video series on Instagram. I have been meaning to bring that whole series to Youtube as well, and will let this serve as a reminder for me to do that later.

Now, I must talk about the thing that is taking up all of my time and energy (when not focused on commissions/other business-related things) .. Fluid acrylics.

I learned all about fluid acrylics and acrylic pouring on Youtube after coming across a video of the process on Instagram. I fell in love. Watercolors are usually my thing as I love the organic nature of the medium, how it can be controlled yet so unexpected. When you can make acrylic paint do the same thing, it’s just as fun!

I’ve been testing at a very small scale with materials I have on-hand and finally put together a little video to show my process. When I say small, I mean small! I’m working on 1/4 in thick foam core triangles that are no longer than maybe two inches on one side.

I really like working on this scale for now but am looking forward to seeing where this experimentation takes me. I’ve also done some 3×3 and 4×4 inch squares, which you can see over on Instagram.


Some of our favorite new Redbubble products!

For a while I have been refining some designs for release with print-on-demand sites as a way of getting our work out into the world a different way. I’ve done a lot of research and landed on starting with one avenue for now.

So, Pigmentology is happy to release it’s first little line of products on Redbubble. There is now an update to the site navigation (up top) that will help you easily get to either our Etsy or Redbubble shops.

I will admit I am less than happy with the sizing offered (wish it would go up to a 5X as more inclusive for plus sized folk) but I am inclined to introduce other vendors as a possibility for us down the line.

I am very happy with the variety offered as I am interested in creating textures and patterns as well as typographic designs for Pigmentology products – am anxious to hear what you all think!

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 4.35.57 PM

CutCardStock Design Team Announcement and Sample Haul

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been picked to be a part of the 2017 CutCardStock design team. Every month I will be creating two themed projects made with CCS products and featuring my process on their blog. I will also be cross-posting here, because why not share the love?

I am trying to figure out whether or not I’d like to do video process of all my projects. Looks like precedent is set with everyone doing step-by-steps with photos, so we will see.

The schedule for the next year has been set. March’s theme is Spring/Sympathy and we have to use the curious metallic cardstocks, so I am already starting to plan ahead.

For now, take a look through my haul of goodies. Can’t wait to show you how I use them in the coming months!


Welcome to Pigmentology

As I write my first blog post, this website is behind password protection and no where near close to being done – but I want to have a little something up and ready for when the time comes. I may even have some other posts done and up before launch, depending on how smoothly this goes. But for now, the time is right for me to pen my first post on Pigmentology’s first blog, and so it goes.

I started this little shop with the purpose of wanting to truly dedicate myself to my craft. Though I’d been largely focused on what it means to be a “digital designer” for a long time, I had always been taught to start design processes with pencil and paper. My teachers and professors were the last of the true designers who worked the “copy and paste” hands-on graphic design industry methods that were required of their technologically stunted age and they thought it an important trade to pass on to me and my classmates.

As a result, I know that the hand and the eye informs everything important about the process. The digital is a tool, not a solution.

I’ve learned so much about how to cross those lines, what relying on tech too much means to me, or what it does/doesn’t do for me. I love technology so much that I thought it was all I ever wanted to work with, until I realized the tactile nature of hands-on lettering and illustration is where my fulfillment lies.

Through the study of pigments and inks, how they move and interact, which brushes create the best effects, I find vibrancy and growth, focus and positivity.

If you are reading this, welcome – and thank you for starting this journey with me. I hope this can be a transformative space where I can share some things about how we work and what we do and maybe we can learn and grow together.

Sending you all the best vibes,

Owner/Creator of Pigmentology