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Pigmentology Studio Tour

Pigmentology Studio Tour Winter 2017 – Hot Mess Craft Room Realness

While I was tidying my craft space I decided it might be fun to say hello and show you around really quick! I am planning to move my studio to the spare room next door and am going about it very slowly as I figure out organizational tactics and shelving plans.

For now, my creative space is not very pretty but it is somewhat thought out and well used, so I did minimal tidying before I started filming in an attempt to show you what it looks like most of the time.

If you’re wondering: the drafting table is from Amazon and has a glass top. I could do a whole separate post/video on that table, but for time’s sake I went through everything in the room quite generally.

Other bigger items featured:

Printer is Canon Pro-100 – Amazon

Typewriter is Smith Corona Classic 12 – ebay

Die cutting machines: Silhouette Portrait and Cricut Cuttlebug mint


Samsung NX30 (product photo camera)

OttLite for lighting photo area – Amazon

LED drafting table lights – Amazon

Lazy Arm Camera Mount – Amazon

Plastic organizers – Michaels, Dollar Tree

Cube shelves – Amazon


Plan With Me Catch Up – March Thru April

I’m trying something new now – coming to you with process videos as I can get them done, and doing voice-over to chat and help describe what’s going on behind the scenes.

While I won’t be doing planner updates on a constant basis (more specifically, I just can’t keep doing them every time I use my planner), I hope that these process videos will be enjoyable for you!

March was quite a month. I happened to get sick (TWICE .. first with the flu and then with a death cold) which really threw a wrench in my plans and goals for Pigmentology. But I still managed to keep up with bullet journaling and was glad to have captured some process footage during March, especially as I put together one of my favorite layouts.

For April I decided to illustrate a divider page and go right into weeklies. The overview I had done the month before was nice with the goal list, but the tasks correlating with days of the month was rather redundant, so I decided against doing it again. That’s the wonderful thing about bujo – you can try things on and decide they’re not for you as many times as you like. I’ve tried to do future log type things many times in the past, always looking for a way to make them work, but I’m very much only interested in weekly layouts it seems!

With April underway, we will see what is in store for Pigmentology. Hopefully all major illness is behind me and I can really focus on some big goals for us. I don’t want to get into too many specifics get but we will see how it all comes together soon!


Plan With Me Mid March – Lots of Lettering

This month started off with the best of intentions. A brand new insert for my traveler’s notebook, a fresh monthly and weekly spread, and I had a really fun time with the cover page illustration. I always have a fun time illustrating with brush markers.

Unfortunately I came down with the flu almost immediately after filming the first part of this video. Not even joking. It threw me off my game for almost a full week and I did not appreciate that very much.

But the best part about the bujo way of planning is that you don’t have to waste any paper or be sad about blank spreads. In my case, I hadn’t even numbered anything yet and it was easy to modify for the following week, which had been productive for me, and I definitely wanted to catalog it.

I usually do my planning on the day that it happens. I’m not the type to plan or record tasks after the fact – so this method was a bit odd for me. But I’m still glad I got it all down as it got me back in the habit/feeling good about what I had gotten done. I did notice that I can’t think back on specifics very well when a camera is on me, so I ended up filling in more details and notes later.

I think instead of aiming for weekly planning videos, I will be happier to do beginning/middle/end of month video updates. We shall see if that makes more sense moving forward.


DIY Traveler’s Notebook Insert // Standard Dot Grid // Hand Sewn & Heat Embossed

Traveler’s Notebook inserts are basically just massive pamphlets. You can make them out of 8.5×11 sheets of paper and you can print whatever you want on them. I decided to use a dot grid pattern, so that when I draw my calendar boxes and lettering, it’s easier to keep straight. I found the pattern on the internets for free from Papernerd and printed it front to back. Everything is explained pretty simply in the video.

If you’re interested in handmade TN inserts or journals in general I may be interested in working them into the shop inventory. Just let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d be happy to personalize them with heat embossed calligraphy, too!


Plan With Me February Week 4 – Introducing My Personal Bujo

Starting a fresh weekly spread and introducing a little black journal I am using for personal things!

A lot of my time off-camera this week was spent with my personal bujo, as well as growing a new relationship with my Pigmentology bujo. I realized that collecting lists was key to keeping me organized/on-task and I definitely wanted to continue doing that. Am looking forward to keeping more collections for projects in the coming weeks.

I am making a new dot grid insert and starting fresh for the month of March, so this spread will be the last weekly until end of February/start of March.


Plan With Me February Week 3 – Task Managing & Stamping with Tombows

In my last (first) planner blog/video I walked you through my old planner and showed you how I learned from my past mistakes with my old weeklies in my traveler’s notebook. Now, going forward, I am using the first insert in my notebook for weekly planning and using aspects of the bullet journal system to keep me organized.

If you’d like to learn more about proper bullet journaling, I really recommend checking out Boho Berry and her videos. I am not following the “bullet journal” guidelines strictly, but rather using them as an inspiration and incorporating them into my own planner process.

This was a great start to the week and a fun way to bring some life to my spread by using the Recollections fruit stamps with Tombow markers.

I ended up adding even more to it once the cameras were off, especially as I went about my day and changes some plans around.

What I really love about this system is how flexible it is. If I don’t get something done it is no big deal to simply move it to the next day, or whenever I can get it done. Tasks that are priorities get done quicker and the ones that are not quite priority fall a bit behind, but that is natural – I am happy to see how it influences my work flow.

I am hoping to get into showing how I use my other two inserts quite soon, so I hope you’re enjoying these planner videos as much as I enjoy making them!


Past Planner Flip-Through & Weekly Spread “Plan With Me” Lettering for February

I am really a hot mess when it comes to using paper planners. But I am determined to make it work for my business especially, because I have found a lot of methods with bullet journaling to be quite beneficial, and I find the process of writing things down/sketching in a planner to be therapeutic. Everything seems a lot less overwhelming when you get it down in bullet/list form or break it up into chunks and manageable tasks.

I normally use the notes in the phone for EVERYTHING. But I’ve used planners on and off over the years, to some success. Most diligently since last year.

In the video above you’ll see as I go through a Moleskine planner from 2016 that didn’t work out well for me due to paper issues. I then switched to a traveler’s notebook that I bought from Callicrafty on Etsy, which I’m much happier with. I lost sight of my goals and started incorporating too much personal tracking/life managing into a calendar that was supposed to be single-focused, so I’m glad I was able to review things and identify that.

Going forward, my goal will be to keep this travelers notebook for Pigmentology-related content only. That way I can schedule Youtube videos and shop updates and other things all in one place without everything getting cluttered and overwhelming.

So we’ll see how this goes, and I hope to keep updating… Especially as I intend to start making more books/notebooks and inserts. I used to do book making a lot in college, for some reason it had been intimidating me, but then I gutted an old book today and got my mojo back. Or I will once I get the signatures stitched in.