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Pink, Teal, and Black Galaxy Fluid Orb Cabochon Pendant Necklaces

Pigmentology Pendants – “Orb” Line Added to Etsy

Time for yet another Etsy update! You may be seeing a few consecutive updates to the store as we’ve been developing lots of new products that are finally coming to fruition.

We’ve been working on lots of new pendants especially, so keep an eye on this space (or “favorite” us on Etsy!) for updates.

Each Pigmentology Orb pendant is unique, utilizing the abstract art found in pouring a fluid acrylic skin. We adhere the artwork to a flat-glass cabochon  “water bead” which magnifies/frames the artwork.

The bails are hand-coiled, made with a thin galvanized steel wire. A jump ring attaches the piece to an adjustable black 30 inch satin cord. The back of each pendant is secured/covered with epoxy.

Orb 3 from this pink, black, and teal collection has already been sold. At this point, 4 variations remain under one listing. Take a look!

Orb 1
Orb 2
Orb 4
Orb 5

Pigmentology Pendants – “Crystal” Line Added to Etsy

Etsy update time!

We’ve been working on lots of new pendants and finally got everything we need to finish them, so keep an eye on this space (or “favorite” us on Etsy!) for updates.

Pigmentology crystal resin pendants are each unique, using mica powders and fluid art embedded in the epoxy, and formed using silicone molds.

Two options feature glittery pigments in pink, purple, and silver .. which are hand-mixed to fill up the crystal shape and create an ombre effect.

One option has a fluid acrylic skin embedded into the resin, creating a psychedelic/bubble effect.

Cabochons are coming up next!

Resin Crystal Pendants (WIP)

New Products in Process .. Cabochons and Resin Crystal Pendants

I’ve always been fascinated by resin jewelry making and had been researching how to pour resin into silicone molds for a little while when the opportunity to buy some epoxy resin presented itself: I needed to cover some fluid art coasters with a waterproof seal.

So I indulged in my first batch of resin, a medium I’ve not had much experience in, but have done a lot of research on. And I may have wasted some material as I’ve been figuring things out, but I think trial and error is normal when it comes to learning how to use epoxy resin.

I’ve also had some flat-back water beads lying around that I picked up at the dollar store ages ago, so I started brainstorming ways to use them in pendants as well – including with my fluid acrylic skins.

Fluid Acrylic Cabochon

So far I’m quite pleased with the process, though it’s taking some time to iron out the kinks. I’ve had a hard time finding an adhesive that works best with adhering glass and acrylic without clouding the image. And I’ve had to learn how to avoid getting lots of bubbles in my resin while mixing and pouring it into molds.

I’m still perfecting these, just as I did the journals and coasters (which I’ve not been able to post about yet, but I’m getting there! I thought I had the design finished but it needed more finesse.)

I’m also quite excited at the idea of being able to sell pieces to jewelry makers, as I am a mixed media artist more than a jewelry maker, but I get by – I usually just keep them quite simple.

More coming soon as we get these finished and create more pieces!