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Some of our favorite new Redbubble products!

For a while I have been refining some designs for release with print-on-demand sites as a way of getting our work out into the world a different way. I’ve done a lot of research and landed on starting with one avenue for now.

So, Pigmentology is happy to release it’s first little line of products on Redbubble. There is now an update to the site navigation (up top) that will help you easily get to either our Etsy or Redbubble shops.

I will admit I am less than happy with the sizing offered (wish it would go up to a 5X as more inclusive for plus sized folk) but I am inclined to introduce other vendors as a possibility for us down the line.

I am very happy with the variety offered as I am interested in creating textures and patterns as well as typographic designs for Pigmentology products – am anxious to hear what you all think!


New stickers in the shop and some misc. updates!

We’ve got a bunch of new sassy sticker designs up at our Etsy shop that we hope you’ll love. We are also planning on getting some of these designs up on Society 6 and Redbubble so we can make some t-shirts and other such products. Many things in the works!

There is also a 100 day challenge going on our Instagram now that we’ve finished our first brush lettering alphabet, though I’ve had to put it on pause for a bit as I’ve been too wrapped up in a few projects. I’m working through a bunch of macro watercolor paintings and taking video with a macro lens. So far there are 5 videos up and 95 more to go.

I’ve decided to put the #52CafeCards on hold indefinitely, as I was having a lot of fun, but it was becoming more of a chore than anything else and not really a priority for me. Perhaps I will come back to it when I have some extra time.

For now, stay tuned for more products, as that is the goal .. making and making to add more things to our tiny shop!


DIY Traveler’s Notebook Insert // Standard Dot Grid // Hand Sewn & Heat Embossed

Traveler’s Notebook inserts are basically just massive pamphlets. You can make them out of 8.5×11 sheets of paper and you can print whatever you want on them. I decided to use a dot grid pattern, so that when I draw my calendar boxes and lettering, it’s easier to keep straight. I found the pattern on the internets for free from Papernerd and printed it front to back. Everything is explained pretty simply in the video.

If you’re interested in handmade TN inserts or journals in general I may be interested in working them into the shop inventory. Just let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d be happy to personalize them with heat embossed calligraphy, too!

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.00.11 PM

“Feminist Killjoy” Custom Lettered & Embossed Trinket Plate

A new custom piece due out the door means a new opportunity for a video .. this time showing the process of hand lettering on ceramic plates meant for display on shelves, as a part of gallery walls, or even to be used as a catch-all for jewelry. (They are strictly decorative and mustn’t go through dishwashers!)

The Ranger embossing pen sticks well to the surface, so long as it is properly cleaned and dried, as the pen is loaded with very sticky ink for the embossing powder to stick to. I loosely planned out the design before going for it. I used Ranger Princess Gold Embossing Powder and my Heat It! craft tool. It takes longer to get the powder to melt on ceramic than on paper, and you have to be careful not to get too close and scorch the surface while at the same time getting it to melt evenly.

Overall I definitely think it’s worth it for the result.


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:


“You Are My Stars” Watercolor & Hand Lettering Card Design

il_570xN.1061798686_pxgyAs Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought I would show how versatile our Custom Tie Dye Galaxy Greeting Card listing can be.

Because the idea is to start by masking off a shape and some splatters that will eventually give a “galaxy” effect, we can really start with any basic shape. One client was celebrating an anniversary and asked for a heart shape, which turned out super cute! We played with the color concentration a bit during the painting process and the effect turned out differently than our other examples, which turned out to be a fun and original twist.

In the video below we wanted to show how our triangle design can be utilized to showcase any sentiment you can imagine. Not only is lettering easy to incorporate, but illustrative elements can be added as well.

I hope that this peek into our process of creating original custom cards shows how much time and dedication goes into each and every detail. We sincerely love working with our clients to deliver services that create lasting memories.


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:


2016 Holiday Review: Fun with Hand Lettered Shaker Ornaments

For our first holiday season, I knew I wanted to focus on making greeting cards and other paper crafts – but I also felt a pull towards crafting a knick-knack with them.

I found round plastic tree ornament baubles on super sale at Michael’s and that’s when the fates decided. (I guess I believe in shop sale fates?) When I first got them they were 50% off and when I went back to restock my stash they were 70% off so I mean I felt quite proud of that find.

I used my white Molotow acrylic paint pens to draw names and words on the outside, then refined the brush calligraphy effect with matching paint and a small round brush. Depending on the client or recipient, the insides were filled with different colors of chunky glitter and strips of shimmery/matte card stock.

I also made little gift boxes out of card stock so that the ornaments would have a little home to get to everyone safely.

We are so grateful to have made connections with customers new and old. This business is a seedling, it’s my little baby, and each person we get to create with is a beautiful experience that adds to our repertoire. Can’t wait to go into machine-mode making ornaments for everyone next year!

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New Holiday Cards for Sale with Heat Embossing Process Video

As a way to bridge the gap and help cut down on production costs, I’ve finally introduced digital printing into my card making processes. The printer we have in our studio is a Canon Pro-100 and has been giving us a bit of grief trying to print from Photoshop, but a work around was determined and the beautiful prints are rolling in!

sam_0805Each design for our printed cards is based on a scan of original artwork, has been carefully edited, and includes some sort of finish by hand every step of the way.

“Sending Holiday Cheer” started as a watercolor wash and embellished stencil illustration. Once printed, trimmed, corner-rounded, and attached to the card based, details are added with a white gel pen.

sam_0817“Fa Ra Rawr” is based on an illustration and some hand lettering that was brought into Photoshop and overlayed with color/watercolor texture. Once trimmed, it’s added to the card base with a pale gray card stock matting.

“Merry All The Things” also started as a watercolor wash as well as a lettering illustration. Bringing the two together, this card is made extra special with heat embossed gold illustrative detail.

Be sure to take a look around our shop, as we have many other handmade cards (holiday-related and otherwise) as well as some gift-type items, wall decor pieces, etc. And keep a look out as we add more holiday items to the shop in the coming weeks!