#52CafeCards Challenge – Card 5 – Eclipse

The #52CafeCards Challenge by Marta of Maremi Small Art (Facebook group page is where most of the action happens) continues!

For “eclipse” I wanted to focus on some watercolor techniques but really had no idea how it would all come together. Lots of the time when it comes to layering, it’s all about seeing how things build up and going from there. So I started with a book page, covered it in gesso so that the colors would lift if I needed them to, and went for it.

You can see from the video that not every step of the process turned out how I wanted. I definitely will be utilizing these techniques in different ways for future projects, but I really love how building up the layers creates such texture to the final result.

I contemplated removing more of the paint through the stencil, but decided against it. Once I got the black eclipse on there and outlined in white, I was happy with how it came together.

Coming up next will be the prompt “folk” – and hopefully some other videos on the horizon soon!


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:

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