#52CafeCards Challenge – Card 4 – Dragonfly

The #52CafeCards Challenge by Marta of Maremi Small Art (Facebook group page is where most of the action happens) continues!

The “dragonfly” prompt immediately made me thing of summer. Or when I used to float in the pool at my grandmother’s house in Florida and a dragonfly would buzz right into my hair. I see them skimming across water on a loop in my mind.

I had a bunch of cheesecloth on hand and thought it would be great to create a base texture. Gesso sticks it on and simultaneously primes the surface for the opaque watercolor.

I wanted the dragonflies to have lots of dimension so I embossed them twice. I considered going back over and over again but didn’t want to overdo it. I may experiment again soon with techniques that involves building embossing powder onto itself.

This card came together quite quickly, as all of these are tending to. I especially enjoy that I am sticking to a typewriter title for all of them that says something simple. As some are flat and some are more 3D, it is nice to have a unifying design aspect to them.

“E” for Eclipse is up next, and soon, as I am catching up all at once after a bit of a break. The video just has to be edited. Then will come “Folk” – which I have no idea what I’ll do with, but I immediately think about music?


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:

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