#52CafeCards Challenge – Card 3 – Coffee

The #52CafeCards Challenge by Marta of Maremi Small Art (Facebook group page is where most of the action happens) continues!

“Coffee” is next, and this one is rather special to me, as I am quite passionate about it. Not only do I love the taste and admire the art of making a good coffee beverage, but it’s part of my job and has been ever since I was a teenager.

I started as a barista when I was 16 and stopped at 19 when I was in school and pursuing design internships at marketing firms. For a long time I left the coffee world and never thought I would return.

Now, as I’ve been making an effort to build my own legacy, I also found the process (working from home) to be rather solitary .. and an itch to get back behind the espresso bar ensued.

On a whim, I got right back to it on a part time basis and I’m so glad I did. I can’t drink much caffeine anymore because it does horrible things for my anxiety levels, but decaf is a wonderful thing – and it tastes so delicious!

So being that coffee is part of how I make a living and has been for a lot of my life, I knew I had to go hard and use a super-concentrated batch of coffee as “paint” in my crafting.

I tried a bunch of random techniques involving layering and building up texture with masking tape, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I really love how mixed media lends itself to happy accidents. I was so worried for a moment when at one point I thought I ruined my project, only to find out it was totally fixable. I’m really learning a lot with these tiny cards!

Can’t wait to see what the letter “D” will bring for next week’s challenge. I hope you’ll stick around to find out with me!


To shop some of the items used while making this piece, check the links below:

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