#52CafeCards Challenge – Card 1 – Art

In an effort to continue to flex my mixed media muscles I’ve decided to partake in an art challenge and host it on the Pigmentology blog/YT channel in an effort to keep myself accountable. Not only does this process of filming myself as I work tend to be quite helpful to me (I love looking back on things and seeing how my processes change), but I love watching others make things, and I’d love to be able to contribute to the community of makers and crafters of Youtube.

The #52CafeCards Challenge was started by Marta of Maremi Small Art on her Facebook group page. The idea is to start with a pack of playing cards (you don’t have to, but I happened to have a pack lying around that I never use) and each week transform one into a tiny work of art.

So far the weekly themes have been “art” and “bubbles.” I’ve only got “art” done so far.

I am really interested in using this as another opportunity to NOT THINK. Which has so far been really helpful.

Because my background is so immersed in digital design, I am very used to planning out every aspect of what I do before I do it. When it comes to this kind of work, I can decide on a few elements and possibilities, but really let the moment direct me as I go. Intuition takes over when I’m not totally sure and that is where the best magic happens.

When I’m done, I think perhaps I may bind all the cards together into a tiny book. We will see!

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