Month: October 2017

Travelers Notebook Art Journal Spread

Traveler’s Notebook Art Journal Process/Tutorial – Spread 2 – It’s Okay

Continuing on with my traveler’s notebook insert dedicated to art journaling, next is a spread using up a ton of paper scraps I have been hoarding. Most of them are left over from the coffee card setĀ that was recently finished.

(I hope to record my process every time I open this insert, so be on the look out for more videos in this series in the coming months.)

Continuing on with the collage style, I started off-camera by throwing down a bunch of graphic washi tape and gesso with a palette knife. The rest sort of just built from there. Various paper scraps and a fluid acrylic “planet” created a mountain landscape and fantasy land. I love using my typewriter to create original titles for mixed media work. I had a lot of fun using watercolor pastels, too.

Please enjoy the process video below. Materials are listed in the tags on this post, as well as on-screen as they are being used.

Coffee Greeting Card

CutCardStock Design Team Update – Projects 14 + 15

We’ve been so busy, we’ve neglected our design team updates! So we’re including two in one here, but as usual, everything is always over at the CutCardStock blog.

We are so pleased to be working with the CutCardStock team! Each month, using their products in order to make two themed projects, and hosting step-by-step DIY instructions on their blog.

On our blog, we will have full YouTube videos showing the process as well. So be sure to check both places to get the full story!

OurĀ fourteenth project is a set of fall themed coffee cards. I made them as a personal thank you to some coffee nerds, using lots of fun patterned paper and hand lettering techniques.

Our fifteenth project features thank you cards using origami patterned paper as a design element. We have two sentiments, one a basic “thank you” and a “cheers!” option for a more celebratory occasion.

Fluid Acrylic

#PigmentologyPour – Pastel Pink, Sea Foam Green, Violet – Acrylic Pour Painting Process Video

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about acrylic pour painting, it’s that there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the painting I’d like. Nor is there enough paint in the world to feed this obsession.

I tried acrylic pouring for the first time because I had a lot of acrylic paint I wasn’t using and I thought it would be fabulous to play with when I came across the technique.

As a graphic designer and general mixed media artist (I’ve started to refer to myself as such because my hands are literally in ALL THE MEDIA all the time) it is sometimes hard to focus on one thing at a time when excitement is overflowing.

I go through phases where I can’t stop with one thing or another but no matter what I do, I generally like to hit all the same areas of interest: lots of color, room for design interest/problem solving, and I especially love working with mediums that encourage a level of spontaneity in the process.

So, that explains why I love making these painting so much. Like calligraphy, I find it incredibly therapeutic. There is a science to it, a groove to fit into once you feel it. And I’m so happy I found it.

If you check out #pigmentologypour on Instagram you will find pretty much all the process videos and photos we’ve taken when it comes to acrylic pouring. I try to make it a point to record process every time I do a painting, because it’s just so much fun to see the play back.