Month: November 2016


New Holiday Cards for Sale with Heat Embossing Process Video

As a way to bridge the gap and help cut down on production costs, I’ve finally introduced digital printing into my card making processes. The printer we have in our studio is a Canon Pro-100 and has been giving us a bit of grief trying to print from Photoshop, but a work around was determined and the beautiful prints are rolling in!

sam_0805Each design for our printed cards is based on a scan of original artwork, has been carefully edited, and includes some sort of finish by hand every step of the way.

“Sending Holiday Cheer” started as a watercolor wash and embellished stencil illustration. Once printed, trimmed, corner-rounded, and attached to the card based, details are added with a white gel pen.

sam_0817“Fa Ra Rawr” is based on an illustration and some hand lettering that was brought into Photoshop and overlayed with color/watercolor texture. Once trimmed, it’s added to the card base with a pale gray card stock matting.

“Merry All The Things” also started as a watercolor wash as well as a lettering illustration. Bringing the two together, this card is made extra special with heat embossed gold illustrative detail.

Be sure to take a look around our shop, as we have many other handmade cards (holiday-related and otherwise) as well as some gift-type items, wall decor pieces, etc. And keep a look out as we add more holiday items to the shop in the coming weeks!


Bloom – Watercolor Hyperlapse & Original Piece for Sale

As we have been working out the kinks regarding the best way to get out content and promote our works for sale, I think we’ve reached a bit of a solution!

Currently juggling lots of different goals and technology-related issues (why is it that all at-home printers are notoriously horrible?) but ultimately, looking to bring you more hyperlapse process videos that can connect you straight to a piece for sale in our shop.

We hope you enjoy watching us work as much as we enjoy the process of putting pigment to paper. Look out for more updates in the coming weeks, especially as the holidays approach!