2016 Holiday Review: Fun with Hand Lettered Shaker Ornaments

For our first holiday season, I knew I wanted to focus on making greeting cards and other paper crafts – but I also felt a pull towards crafting a knick-knack with them.

I found round plastic tree ornament baubles on super sale at Michael’s and that’s when the fates decided. (I guess I believe in shop sale fates?) When I first got them they were 50% off and when I went back to restock my stash they were 70% off so I mean I felt quite proud of that find.

I used my white Molotow acrylic paint pens to draw names and words on the outside, then refined the brush calligraphy effect with matching paint and a small round brush. Depending on the client or recipient, the insides were filled with different colors of chunky glitter and strips of shimmery/matte card stock.

I also made little gift boxes out of card stock so that the ornaments would have a little home to get to everyone safely.

We are so grateful to have made connections with customers new and old. This business is a seedling, it’s my little baby, and each person we get to create with is a beautiful experience that adds to our repertoire. Can’t wait to go into machine-mode making ornaments for everyone next year!

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